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A Notice for Our PPG Members November 2020

The 31st AGM planned for 9th November 2020 has been cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions and National lockdown. Regular PPG members have been contacted by the Practice Manger via, telephone, email or post and have been sent a copy of the meeting minutes from the previous AGM, dated 11th November 2019.

  • Notification of meeting cancellation has been posted on the Group’s Facebook page.
  • Meeting minutes available to any registered patient, upon request via Practice Manager.

Comments/suggestions/feedback received from PPG members:

Having considered alternative methods of meeting, ie. Zoom/Microsoft Teams meetings, there is a general consensus that these communication methods are not available, or considered suitable, to the majority of the Group.

  • Election of officers has been rolled over to 2021. Current officers will retain their existing position until the AGM due in November 2021.
  • It is hoped that the next PPG meeting will take place in May 2021, subject to Covid-19 restrictions at that time – to be reviewed 2021.
  • The Treasurer confirms that the annual set of accounts are complete and will be returned shortly by the accountant. A copy will be available for inspection at the surgery.
  • Installation of a covered shelter to act as an outdoor patient waiting area was commended.
  • Appreciation given of the service provision from the Surgery, particularly during Covid-19.
  • Possibility of active fund raising and links with other charitable groups – add to next meeting agenda.
  • Practice to contact PPG members with any requests for funding for items for direct patient care that are not usually available via NHS funding.

Welcome to Our Patient Participation Group

The Practice is privileged to have a long established and very successful Patient’s Group.

The Group is a registered charity, which was initially set up in 1989 to provide medical or nursing equipment that would not easily be available on the NHS, to improve the health, or quality of life, of Hartington Surgery patients.

Funding is provided solely by patient donations, often given in memory of a loved one who received care and support from the Practice. The Surgery would like to pass on sincere thanks for these charitable donations, without which the Patient’s Group could not offer its valuable support.

In more recent times the Group has also taken on the role of a discussion forum to exchange ideas and suggestions to improve service provision. The Practice aims to use this constructive ‘patient led’ advice and feedback to prepare an action plan for future Practice improvements.

If you would like to be involved or if you have any queries about the Patient Participation Group, then please leave your name, email and contact details at Reception and we will contact you with further details.

Meeting Dates

Our Meeting Dates have been cancelled due to COVID-19



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